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Heavy Rain Floods Jacksonville Roads

Updated: Friday, June 13 2014, 11:30 AM CDT
JACKSONVILLE -- Raging rivers and a saturated ground is proving troublesome for Morgan County residents who saw nearly five inches of rain overnight.

"The rain come down hard and fast and [there was] a lot of flooding," Jacksonville resident Peggy Copley said.

The creek near Rolling Acres Mobile Estates overflowed its banks and water was inching toward Copley's front door.

"Just standing water now like on my patio and stuff from the hard rain," Copley said.

It's similar story throughout the trailer home community, which fell victim to much more serious flooding three years ago.

Jan Kimble remembers the incident well. She has lived at the property that's home to dozens of families in the area for years.

"That part down there is the part that had the flooding," Kimble said while pointing to the creek. "And it would come all the way up behind and all the way on the other side of the lake."

Jacksonville police say no major damage has been reported.

"We didn't have anybody displaced from their homes," Deputy Chief Chad Moore said.

But parts of major streets were blocked off to traffic Wednesday morning including parts of East Morton Avenue.

"Some of our underpasses started to flood first and then with some of the storm drains [became] clogged at times. Some of the intersections are starting to clog up," Moore said.

The creek continues to bumble along in Jacksonville lapping over parts of Routt Street and drowning out an intersection completely. Still, several vehicles tried to drive through and although authorities say nobody got stuck they advise against traveling through standing water.

Meanwhile, the rain held off Wednesday afternoon and people went about their daily routines. Authorities say what once was a raging river is slowly becoming less of a threat.

"It just takes time. Eventually the water recedes, the roads become passable again, the barricades are removed and traffic is ready to go again," Moore said.

As the rainy season continues authorities say it's a good idea to move any belongings or valuables from a basement to a ground level or upper level floor.

Most of the main roadways in Jacksonville have been re-opened but police say Routt and Johnson Streets could remain closed until Thursday morning. Heavy Rain Floods Jacksonville Roads

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