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High School Student Creates Leadership Program For Kids

Updated: Friday, May 23 2014, 09:43 PM CDT
CHATHAM, ILL. -- Everyday students at Glenwood Elementary are learning how to grow up to be super heroes. School administrators hope the team building exercises learned this week will follow students to their new school next year.

Putting others first is something even adults can struggle with. That's why The Superhero Program at Glenwood Elementary School hopes to teach kids lessons about working as a team that will last a lifetime.

The strength for 4th grade boys at Glenwood Elementary School is coming from within.

The Superhero Program hopes to teach these young men to put others first.

"The boys they didn't have a program, they didn't have anything to make them better leaders," said Program Organizer Eli Day.

Day is a Junior at Glenwood High School. He's also the brainchild behind the new program.

"I wanna make the lives of these kids better. That was always my primary goal is to help educate them, for them to become better students and better citizens," said Day.

It may be the last time to drive leadership values home as the 4th grade class heads to intermediate school next year.

"And that's the first time they combine and they are one big 5th grade class," said Day.

They may be moving on, but the hope is they stick together. The program combines lectures and team building exercises. Although it's only a week long program, it's already driving its mission home.

"Even though you are in music, or your a musician or something, you have to work as a team. There is no I in team," said 4th Grader, Jamarion Smith.

"I think that we are already noticing in the hallways and in the classroom that these boys are working together as a team. We are hearing them say vocabulary from the program. We are hearing them say a leader has to sacrifice and a leader has to work together," said 4th Grade Teacher, Crystal Day.

Crystal Day is not only a 4th grade teacher proud of her students, she is also the mother of the young man who started the program.

Nothing makes her more proud than watching her son make an impact on the next generation.

"I think he will always be one to influence others and I think through his communication that he has learned that he can empower people," said Crystal Day.

This week was a pilot version of the program. The hope is to expand the program to Chatham's other two elementary schools next year.High School Student Creates Leadership Program For Kids

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