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High-Speed Rail Agreement

Updated: Tuesday, June 3 2014, 04:45 PM CDT

SPRINGFIELD -- Ensuring jobs related to Springfield's on-going high speed rail improvement project go to those who need the work the most. Two state representatives saying they will stand by that promise.

Newschannel at Nine's Jordan Abudayeh joins us in the studio to explain.

State Senator Andy Manar and State Representative Sue Scherer have signed on to make sure those affected by the rail project get the support they're promised.

The Rail Community Benefits Project is a five-point plan making sure local jobs will be created with equal opportunities for minorities, women and low-income workers.

Along with assistance for those relocated by the rail project, economic development, and funding for job training.

The Illinois Department of Transportation, the City of Springfield, and other key partners have already signed on.

Representative Scherer signed on to hold all those involved in the agreement accountable.

"With this event today, it was let's just put it out there. This is what we support. We support women and minorities. We support a liveable wage and a safe work environment."

Construction of the Carpenter Street underpass is expected to cost $20.6 million and take 2 years.

Consolidation on Union Pacific Freight and Amtrak Passanger Trains on 10th St. is expected to cost $315 million and take at least a decade.

The coalition is hoping to train 200 workers to work on the construction projects.

High-Speed Rail Agreement

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