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Hot Trip To School

Updated: Wednesday, August 27 2014, 05:35 PM CDT

DISTRICT 186 - A big yellow bus with leather seats and no air conditioning. Whether it's for a 20 minute ride, like in the city, or a 45 minute ride in the rural districts, it can be unbearable.

They've been forecasting scorching temperatures for days now and the fact of the matter is, school buses are not equipped with air conditioning.

We take a look at what various districts are doing to help beat the heat.

Photos were sent in by a viewer during Monday's extreme heat around 2:00pm in the afternoon. The actual temperature inside the bus with all the windows down - 109.

The "feel like temperature" in the bus reads about 132 degrees.

On Tuesday that heat advisory was still in effect and students could definitely feel it on the bus.

Students in rural communities spend more time on the bus because they have longer commutes, which means they're spending more time in higher temperatures.

Some students ride up to an hour on the bus, not very many; and some of them may only spend 15 minutes on the bus at a time.
"We're very fortunate that we have facilities that we can keep our buses inside in the shade and out of the sun and that's about it. We get a little air moving with the top hatch and the windows open and we get enough air moving in there to at least make it bearable," said Joe Fromme, Transportation Director, Franklin CUSD #1.

We tried multiple times today to reach out to first student- the company that handles District 186's transportation and they didn't get back to us.

We know that buses are parked in an outdoor facility off cook street, with what appears to be little to no shade.

Hot Trip To School

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