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Houston Defends Record As Mayor

Updated: Tuesday, July 15 2014, 03:00 PM CDT
SPRINGFIELD -- There have been highs and lows for Mayor Houston during this term.

As an incumbent he will have to defend his record, something he started doing today.

"I like being able to solve problems and help people's lives," said Mayor Mike Houston.

That's why Mike Houston is running for mayor again.

Under Houston's most recent watch, Springfield's fiscal house is in better shape and jobs are on the rise.

"The rating agencies have elevated our credit rating because of strong financial management. The latest unemployment report shows the lowest unemployment rate in the state at 6 percent, tying us with Bloomington-Normal," said Houston.

But the good fiscal news could be overshadowed by disappointment in the lack of transparency in Houston's administration.

A Newschannel 20 investigation exposed a shredding scandal within the Springfield Police Department.

But the Mayor says he was the one who asked the Attorney General for an investigation into the scandal, and signed an agreement where the city would not invoke attorney client privilege.

"We wanted, I wanted, everything to come out. and I think that ultimately everything will come out. When the report is done a lot of the speculation, a lot of the innuendo will just sort of fall by the wayside and it may be a lot simpler than what a lot of people think it is," said Houston.

However it's still an issue that to this day has more questions than answers.

Houston also ran in 2011 on the promise that he would improve race relations in the city.

He says in the past three years they've made some progress that he wants to see continue.

"The report indicates that 19 percent, plus, of our new hires are minorities," said Houston.

Houston also slammed critics who say he doesn't understand this form of government because he said he helped create it, so there's no one who understands it better than him. Houston Defends Record As Mayor

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