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Humane Society Funding Fight

Updated: Thursday, February 13 2014, 03:38 PM CST
DANVILLE-- After weeks of turmoil that saw 9 of the 11 trustees resign and the former director dismissed, the Danville Humane Society is now trying to start over after terminating their contract with the city.

That decision meant
the Danville Humane Society would no longer provide animal control
services to the city. For the past several years, the city has budgeted
$73 thousand per year for those services. But the Humane Society says
that's nowhere near enough, saying the industry standard would require
closer to $130 thousand based on Danville's population.

Danville Humane Society board member Tre' Roberts says, "When
you have a service you're providing where you're losing 3 to 5, 7
thousand dollars a month, you can't continue with that. So it was a very
easy decision to terminate that contract."

Councilman Bill Black says,"I think the Humane Society probably had a... Well let me leave it
at this: I think Danville probably had a bargain. And I think we'll
spend every bit as much with the Vermilion County Animal Control
Shelter, but it is going to be cheaper than building our own facility."

city is in talks with the Vermilion County Animal Control Shelter to
take over, and the Humane Society isn't looking back. Both the county board and city council would need to approve that move if and when it settles on that direction.Humane Society Funding Fight

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