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Iroqouis County Recovers After Severe Weekend Weather

Updated: Tuesday, June 24 2014, 03:02 PM CDT

IROQUOIS COUNTY -- "We were watching television and then all of a sudden, we saw the tree fall over," Giman resident Larry Olson said after Saturday's severe thunderstorm knocked down the tree in his lawn.

Mother Nature caused a range of damage after a severe thunderstorm hit Iroquois County. Emergency Management officials reported high winds, heavy rain and pea sized hail.

Nearby, along U.S. Highway 24 the storm knocked down power lines and tore roofs off buildings. Some residents say they even saw funnel clouds. But officials say the storm was moderate -- and could have been much worse.

"While there were reports of funnel clouds, and plenty of picutres to prove it, there was no report of an actual touchdown in Clifton, or in the town of Crescent City...NWS is reporting straight line winds," Iroquois County Emergency Management Coordinator Eric Ceci said.

Ashkum farmer Jerome Finegan says these conditions thinned out his corn crops and cut off many of his soybean plants.

Finegan says it will take a couple weeks of growing before his sees improvement in his crops. And as he waits on those, Larry Olson is waiting for the city to finish removing his fallen tree.

Iroqouis County Recovers After Severe Weekend Weather

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