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ISBE Plays A Major Role for Many School Districts

Updated: Wednesday, January 29 2014, 10:33 PM CST

Republican candidate for governor Bill Brady has said he's
all about saving tax payer dollars. Recently he reinforced this idea, by
telling a local radio station he planned to minimize the Illinois State Board
of Education.

A local school superintendent says that could have a huge impact
on school districts' day to day operations. ISBE acts as a go between for
school districts and federal agencies to get funding, and many central Illinois
districts rely heavily on federal funds.

"My question is who's going to control...who's going to
provide guidance and the resources and transportation. Who's going to
distribute those funds or are those funds going to go away with the Illinois
State Board of Education," Carlinville School District Superintendent
Michael Kelly said.

ISBE also helps regulate programs like special education and
transportation. Officials in Carlinville say the help managing their 200 plus
square miles of bussing is a big benefit.

ISBE Plays A Major Role for Many School Districts

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