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Kincaid Mayor Goes to Court

Updated: Monday, May 19 2014, 11:30 AM CDT

KINCAID -- The saga involving Kincaid Mayor Doug Thomas continues as theChristian County State's Attorney is vowing to file charges of misconduct.

It's a move that could pave the way to push the Mayor out of office.

Newchannel at Nine's Kimberly Howard explains what charges the Mayor is facing and what it means for Kincaid.

A rainy day at the Christian County Courthouse as Kincaid Mayor Doug Thomas faced a judge to learn whether they're enough evidence to send him to trial on drug charges.

"Probably cause was found at today's hearing and pre-trial dates were set."

Although a felony charge of prescription pill possession was the reason for the preliminary hearing, much of the conversation in court centered around other charges Thomas is facing after police say he violated an order of protection twice.

"These are merely allegations at this point, the state has a burden to prove these allegation beyond a reasonable doubt."

Thomas publically admitted to violating the order of protection the first time at a village hall meeting in March.

Still Thomas' attorney is questioning a state police investigation.

"We can't be sure, quite frankly, if even the text messages that were shown to the Illinois State Police investigator were the complete text messaging sequence. I believe there was testimony adduced that perhaps the victim himself may have manipulated the data."

Despite bringing up those points in court, the judge ruled there's enough probably cause for a trial to proceed.

In the meantime, Christian County State's Attorney vows to file charges of misconduct against Thomas.

 A move that means if convicted the mayor could be ousted from office.

The charges would be piled on top of a felony and two misdeameanor charges Thomas is facing after deputies say they found him illegally carrying prescription pills.

He's also accused of violating a protection order twice.

Thomas' attorney maintains the mayor's innocence, but State's Attorney Mike Havera is pushing forward with the case.

"In a case like this, with everything that's happened in Kincaid, we see that's definitely the best interest of the citizens that this case gets to disposition as quickly as possible.

After a preliminary hearing, a judge set a pre-trial date of June 10 and a jury trial date of June 23.

If convicted on the drug charges, Thomas could see 3 years in prison and up to $25,000 in fines.

The protection order violations would carry separate penalties.

Kincaid Mayor Goes to Court

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