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Lanphier Students React to 16-year-old Arrested for having Loaded Gun at School

Updated: Friday, August 29 2014, 04:15 PM CDT
Tonight 16-year old graylon brown is being charged as an adult on weapons offenses, after police say he brought a loaded gun  to lanphier high school in springfield on tuesday.

Today the school beefed up it's security but still some parents are concerned about safety.

Springfield police say it was a student who tipped of security.

That student, later told police the weapon was needed for self-defense.

Students we spoke with say an increase in gang violence in
Springfield has them worried for their safety and school administrators
could do more to make Lanphier secure.

"Some people didn't want to come back to school," said Lanphier freshman, Mariana Matlock.

Lanphier high students made their way to class the day after Brown was arrested for having a loaded handgun at school.

"I was kind of scared because anybody can get hurt and all the shooting here in town. I'm just scared," said Matlock.

Many students scared, but not surprised the incident occured.

"Lanphier. I mean, I don't know, Mr. Dawson is pretty much on
discipline and whatnot this year I feel like, but he can't get to all
these kids. These kids are ridiculous," said Lanphier senior, Dominique

As students go through the front door at Lanphier High School, there are no metal detectors.

A security measure students say is desperately needed.

"It would make us all feel safer. Because there was freshman
year, when I was a freshman, there was two guys that brought guns to
school, too," said Lanphier senior, Jalisa Yates.

Lytresa Clark has three kids at Lanphier and says school administrators need to do more to keep students safe.

"This is ridiculous. This is already at the beginning of the
school year so I can imagine what is going to go on as the school year
keeps going," said Clark.

Students say, gang violence is a major concern, which is why they
believe the student may have felt as though he needed protection.

"Since there's been a lot of gang violence, if he was protecting
himself, he could have went to somebody about it before bringing a
weapon to school," Yates said.

"Honestly if he had to bring a gun to school it's because he was a
gang banger. So other than that I wouldn't see why he would need gun
protection," said Mosley.

District 186 administrators tell us they believe this was an isolated incident.

But students say, changes still need to be made.

"I think that we need to be checked before we come to school . I think everybody would feel safe," said Yates.

We reached out to District 186 to get their response to these students concerns.

They declined an on-camera interview, but did release a statement
stating Lanphier High School students are in class learning and school
is running as normal.

Brown appeared in court today.

His next court appearance is September 4th.

A public defender was appointed to represent the 16-year old whose bond was set at $100-thousand dollars.

Lanphier Students React to 16-year-old Arrested for having Loaded Gun at School

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