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Lawsuit Filed Against Georgetown Mayor and City Council

Updated: Thursday, May 8 2014, 03:31 PM CDT

Lawsuits are dealt to Georgetown's Mayor and City Council members. They're all being sued over two firings that happened last September. That's when two women say they were wrongfully fired.

Shortly after they were let go, the mayor's daughter was hired to fill one of the positions. Her hiring came down to a 3-3 tie vote, with the mayor having the final say.

Melissa Bowles and Shelly Nale say the mayor had no reason to fire them from their jobs.

In the lawsuit, they claim they were accused of transgressions from tardiness to criminal activity as warrant for their firing. But they say none of that is true.

Their attorney tells us the allegations are outrageous and the women are suing to clear their names and for lost wages.

"Because I think if they're falsely accused, they should be granted the things they are asking for. If they have done the things they're accused of, well then I think they should pay for what they did, or at least face justice."

We reached out to the mayor and the council members listed in the lawsuit. One person said they had no comment and the others did not respond.

The plaintiffs in the case also declined an interview, but we did speak with their lawyer.
He tells us the defendants have not yet formally responded to the lawsuit. All of the people listed in the lawsuit are being sued for their part in the firing.

Lawsuit Filed Against Georgetown Mayor and City Council

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