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Lincoln Denies Liquor Licenses for Gas Stations

Updated: Thursday, May 22 2014, 04:30 PM CDT
LINCOLN -- Aldermen in Lincoln are taking action to limit the number of gaming machines operating in the city.

Tuesday night, the city council voted down an ordinance setting up a new class of liquor licenses for places like gas stations so they would be eligible for video gaming.

Two residents spoke against it, citing potential triggers for those recovering from gambling addictions, and other moral objections.

But the city treasurer pointed out that gaming is already legal in the city, so this measure would be about creating a level playing field for small business owners.

"The members of the council had a variety of reasons for their vote," Lincoln Mayor Keith Snyder said. "Some of them were concerned about the slippery slope of allowing the expansion of video gambling beyond what the state law envisioned. The state law envisioned only taverns and bars. So I think some were concerned about that. And I think others were concerned about actually having alcohol served at gas stations and package liquor stores and places like that."

Aldermen rejected the measure by a vote of 7-1.Lincoln Denies Liquor Licenses for Gas Stations

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