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Lincoln Woman's Pet Goats Must Remain Outside the City Limits

Updated: Friday, June 20 2014, 04:50 PM CDT

LINCOLN -- A Lincoln woman is banned from keeping her pet goats at her home, within city limits. It's an update to a story we first reported last night. Tonight, the planning commission voted eight-to-zero to maintain the ban on certain "livestock" and goats within Lincoln. Kaitlyn Heffren had argued that her two pygmy goats have been part of the family for nearly three years now. She says the small animals are less trouble than the family dogs. City council will review the commission's decision, but will likely not vote to reject or change the ruling.

We asked if you think the goats should be allowed within the city limits of Lincoln.
    Here's what some of you had to say on our Facebook page;
    Renee Vespa writes that "they cause a lot less trouble than dogs barking non stop! What's the harm? Do we have to police everything?
And Tanya Cooley says it "depends on the rules. If [the] rules say no specifically on goats, then no. It may suck, but you can't let anyone skimp on any law like that without expecting others to do it on more important laws."

And finally Todd Treakle says that he believes the city should "change the law. People should have more rights on their own property!"

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Lincoln Woman's Pet Goats Must Remain Outside the City Limits

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