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Local Businesses Concerned Over Videogaming Cafes

Updated: Friday, August 29 2014, 04:15 PM CDT
DANVILLE -- Local establishments that offer videogaming in Danville are concerned.

City officials say there's interest in opening videogaming cafes but clubs like the American Legion are worried more competition will be bad for business.

The commander at the American Legion in Danville says there are enough places now and they don't need more competition.

Videogaming can only take place in businesses with a liquor license or in a truck stop.

Right now local leaders are trying to determine if a videogaming cafe would be allowed under the current liquor license of if a new one would need to be created.

Leaders at local establishments say money made off of videogaming stays in the community and they're concerned money made at videogaming cafes will go elsewhere.

According to city officials, the average machine makes six-thousand dollars a year and there is a maximum of five machines allowed in an establishment making an average thirty-thousand dollars a year for local businesses.

Danville has generated eight-five thousand dollars from videogaming.Local Businesses Concerned Over Videogaming Cafes

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