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Man Fights to Get His Trailer Park Cleaned Up

Updated: Monday, August 25 2014, 04:11 PM CDT
A local man with fond memories of his childhood home--returns 20 years later and is sad to find decay and despair.

August, Kevin Kirk moved into the same lot he lived in as a teen. But
where he used to be proud of his neighborhood, he isn't anymore.

So, he's asking the city council and city to put pressure on the owner and manager to clean it up, but what can really be done?

"This used to be the best trailer park in the county," Kirk told aldermen Tuesday night.

But now, he says, Cottonwood Cove Estates is home to broken roads, dead trees and mosquito infested ponds.

can see there's a chair in there," he said, gesturing out over the pond
behind his lot. "I pulled 500 pounds in metal out of here."

Kirk showed up at City Council Tuesday, to ask aldermen to put pressure on the park's owner and manager.

Works Director Mark Mahoney says the park has been cited several times,
but the things Kirk referenced, including the roads, had been taken
care of.

"They are in poor condition, but they're adequate after the patching," Mahoney told aldermen Tuesday night.

Mahoney said even if things may not look pretty, as far as he knows, most of the known problems are being dealt with.

mean it's an aging complex," he told Newschannel 20. "So there's
obviously issues that come along with that. And we just want to stay on
top of it the best we can."

But the Kirks are not satisfied. They say the ponds are a mosquitoey mess, and the roads are rough.

are not potholes," said Kirk's wife, Nela, nodding out over the street.
"Those are craters, and it has been like that all the time. Those
issues need to be fixed."

When Newschannel 20 saw the trailer
park's manager on the property, he referred us to the park's attorney.
When asked for the attorney's name, though, he drove off.

Later, calls to him and owner went unanswered.

Kirk says he isn't asking for much - just to be able to take pride in his home.

"It's not going to be Panther Creek, and that's fine," he said. "I understand that. I just want to live in a decent place."

vocalness about the condition of the park may have produced some
results. He said the day after he went to the city council, he noticed
some of trees coming down.

Kirk says he's not sure if that work was already planned, though.

Works Director Mark Mahoney says the city will continue to send
inspectors to Cottonwood Cove Estates and cite the trailer park for
violations, as they come up.Man Fights to Get His Trailer Park Cleaned Up

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