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Mayor Candidates React to Houston Announcing He'll Seek 2nd Term

Updated: Tuesday, July 15 2014, 10:32 PM CDT
SPRINGFIELD -- Springfield mayor Mike Houston is asking voters for four more years in the city's next election.

In February 2011, then mayoral candidate Houston told ABC News Channel 20, "I only want to serve four years."

Now, he has a change of heart. "I am seeking another term as mayor of the great city of Springfield," Houston announced Monday. He says it's because he has goals yet to be accomplished; but his challengers in the race are quick to point out, what they call, a broken pledge.

County auditor Paul Palazzolo, who declared a run for mayor in April, said in a statement "Houston led citizens, voters and donors to believe that he would only serve one term."

Ward 6 alderman Cory Jobe, a rumored candidate, said he's disappointed by Houston's decision, but not surprised.

"I think the voters are smarter than that in our community that when you put a self-imposed term limit like he did four years ago, saying he'd only run for one term, I think voters will listen to that," Jobe said.

Also not surprised is challenger Jim Langfelder, the city's current treasurer.

"I welcome him to the race," Langfelder said by phone. "The real winners are the voters because now they have more of a selection and I think I'm better suited as far as what my philosophy is for the city."

New reports from the state board of elections show Cory Jobe has, by far, the most campaign cash with more than $108,042; and he's the only one of the four who hasn't said if he'll seek the capital city's top elected position yet. Mayor Mike Houston has $63,233 in his campaign coffers; Paul Palazzolo has $52,375; and Jim Langfelder has $55,664.

Jobe said, "It's an honor to have people's support and a lot of cash on hand from those individuals but we're still looking and meeting with my team and we'll have a decision in the coming weeks."

Speaking of campaign money, at his press conference Monday, mayor Mike Houston said he will accept campaign contributions from people or companies vying for city business; or currently do business with the city. That's something some aldermen have spoken out against, saying it presents a conflict of interest.

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