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Mild Summer Affects Some Businesses

Updated: Wednesday, August 20 2014, 11:25 PM CDT

The hot, sticky weather may have you turning down your air conditioning and according to Springfield city leaders, fewer people ran their air conditioners this summer than usual.

While that means lower electricity bills for you, it's less money for City Water Light and Power.

After several months of mild temperatures, it actually feels like summer this week.

But for some businesses, it's too late in the season to turn much of a profit.

Cool and gloomy is not the ideal weather for taking a dip at the pool.

"It's been tough. It's been tough on the whole pool industry," said Doug Knight, general manager at Knight's Action Park.

Knight says because of mild temperatures, pool attendance was down this summer...

"We're having this weather anomaly. It seems like we're in the third year. Two years ago it was so hot. Last year it was just like this year it seems like, and here we are with another year just like last year," Knight said.

Cooler temperatures had fewer people running their air conditioners.

Springfield Mayor Mike Houston says electric sales were down at CWLP in both June and July.

"If you look at this from a historic perspective, there has only been one year out of the last 30 years where the sales in July was actually less than what we had in June and that is something we experienced this year," Mayor Houston said.

Mayor Houston says that doesn't necessarily mean electric rates will be increased.

"One of things we are also looking for is since we are a coal fire utility is to look for assistance through different programs with the state of Illinois," said Mayor Houston.

It's a different story all together for Lake Springfield Marina.

Assistant general manager, Joseph Prola, says many boaters prefer the mild temperatures.

"We've actually heard some of the positives where people like to see that it's not 100, 115 degrees while they're out on the boat," Prola said.

Prola says he's pleased with the amount of business the marina has seen this summer.

"Sales in the month of June were just absolutely crazy. Things kind of slowed down a little bit there in the July and August months for sales, but rentals have been great. We haven't seen any big drop-offs from the weather," Prola said.

Prola says a bigger threat to business than mild temperatures is rainy weekends, and fortunately, the majority of weekends this summer were dry.

Knight adds while fewer people came to the pool this summer, there was an uptick in business for other attractions, like miniature golf and the driving range.

Mild Summer Affects Some Businesses

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