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Milikin University Forms Police Force

Updated: Friday, August 29 2014, 03:01 PM CDT

DECATUR -- Millikin University is beefing up security.

The private university added four full-time police officers to it's campus.

Chris Ballard, chief of the Department of Public Safety at Millikin, says the main reason behind the addition of the police force on campus is to provide a more professional service to the community.

The officers are certified police officers with experience at other agencies.

One of the officers worked more than twenty years with the Decatur Police Department. Another is a retired state police captain Chief Ballard tells us the primary crime on campus is theft.

He hopes with the officers having a heavy presence on campus, both students and parents will have some peace of mind. 

"We'll have officers available that have experience in training in dealing with crisis. They will also be here very frequently and in close contact with our students and community members so the hope is that they're more likely to be approached about minor issues before they become issues," said Chief Ballard.

Ballard says more and more colleges are putting police departments on campus.Since Millikin is located within the city of Decatur with multiple public access ways passing through, Ballard says there's an even greater need for the police department. Besides the four police officers, Millikin also has 12 full-time security officers.

Ballard says it will now be easier for the Decatur Police Department to share information with Millikin police.

Milikin University Forms Police Force

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