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Minimum Wage Increase Gets Local Businesses Talking

Updated: Tuesday, June 3 2014, 04:35 PM CDT
SPRINGFIELD -- Although the lawmakers have gone home, there are still
decisions to be made and ideas in motion.  One of those is whether or not to raise the
minimum wage to $10 an hour. It would be the first increase since 2006.

Those in favor of the increase say it's every American's right to earn enough to live on. However, those who oppose it say it will hurt small businesses. Local business owners in the capital city say they can see both sides of the argument.

"Just a percentage of our revenue goes to the labor and so we can't change that. So [that means] there is less for us to pay as far as what we have available for them. So we just have to cut their hours or make them do more for less," said the owner of downtown restaurant, Z Bistro, Abbas Zolghadr.

"There's not a definite answer," said co-owner of Recycled Records, Gary
Kessler, "I
think, in a way it should be higher, but I think it should be national,
rather than state by state, just so individual states' economies don't
get out of whack. We're already higher than all our
neighboring states, making it higher would not attract businesses."

The question of raising the minimum wage will appear on the November ballot. Minimum Wage Increase Gets Local Businesses Talking

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