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National Horse Trainer Honored

Updated: Monday, July 14 2014, 10:40 AM CDT

Western Horse Show Remembers Show Manager --

The Western Horse Show is celebrating a 40 year tradition of showcasing breeds and training skills.

But this year, the horse show family lost a dear friend. He died in May and today the crowd took a moment to celebrate Wilbur Parlier's legacy.

He spent more than 50 years working with horses. On Sunday, friends and family gathered at the Western Horse Show to commemorate Wilbur Parlier's life and dedication to the annual event.

His sister Marilyn Gliebe says her brother found joy in his job. "He loved what he did," said Gliebe. "I always told him he never worked a day in his life because he loved living the cowboy way."

The Illinois Reining Horse Association made a plaque which they gave to Parlier's family during the show.

Horse trainer Mike Tuley says that everybody knew Parlier as a reliable person. "I've known Webb for probably 35 years or longer," said Tuley. "And he was just a great person. And helped anybody that needed help."

Every year the Western Horse Show spends two weeks showcasing riders and their horse's skills. And each day is a different breed and task.

"They can expect to see up until Tuesday the reigning horses the patterns, the different style of riding that they do there," said Pat Harms, Western Horse Show Superintendent.

"And on Wednesday they will see the registered Appaloosa horses."

The photo on the plaque that was given to Parlier's family will be replaced with an etched portrait.

And if the family decides to, the plaque may be donated to the State Fairgrounds Museum.

National Horse Trainer Honored

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