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Police Investigate After Woman Pistol Whipped

Updated: Wednesday, May 21 2014, 03:38 PM CDT

URBANA -- An attack inside an Urbana woman's apartment has police issuing a warning to residents.

The woman is now recovering after being beaten by an intruder. Urbana police believe the offender is the same guy that tried to break into another house just across the street.

Newschannel at Nine's Nate Rodgers tells us just how rare this crime is and what authorities are doing to protect you and your home.

Urbana Police say this sort of crime is very uncommon for the area, so they've stepped up patrols and are telling residents to be careful.

This past Saturday, Urbana Police received a call of a home invasion in the 400 block of South Busey. The victim, a 23-year-old female was pistol whipped according to police.
"She awoke to find the intruder in her home. That's when the attack started. She did not hear him enter. She awoke and he was in the home", says Lt. Bryant Seraphin.

Nathan Smith lives in the same building where the attack occurred. His roommate spoke to the victim after the attack.
"He didn't go into great detail but he said that she didn't look too good, although she seemed to be doing ok emotionally. She told us to be careful which was great advice", says neighbor Nathan Davis.

Earlier that same day, police say the same offender tried to break into a home directly across the street. Marda Larson saw the guy at her window.
Larson said, "I just started pulling off the weather proofing we had on the window and then when I reached and turned one of the locks, like he must have heard that because that's when he just reached up and put a gun to the window and I just kinda like screamed and yelled something and fled from the bathroom."

Larson now plays the what if's over and over again in her head.
"What if he had grabbed me and put a gun to me...you know like, what would have happened there? I also thought about the fact that..that window was locked and what if it wasn't?" Larson says.

"During the day we feel totally safe. At night, we feel kinda funny on the first floor. It's hard to see out the windows on the first floor and you just wonder what may be looking back in especially since they haven't found him," says neighbor Carolyn Mcnenamin.
Still no one is in custody but police say lock your doors and windows, have someone with you if you're out late Also if you see something or someone suspicious, please call police asap!

Police Investigate After Woman Pistol Whipped

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