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Possibility of Medical Marijuana in Downtown Springfield

Updated: Saturday, August 9 2014, 07:35 PM CDT

SPRINGFIELD -- Right now the Springfield Building and Zoning commission is working to create the rules for medical marijuana facilities in the city.

The goal is to closely follow the rules established by the lawmakers, when this law originally passed.

But those rules include restrictions about where these facilities can and cannot be.

Mayor Houston tells us, the city has a feasible area and it's downtown.

The city has studied the state law for medical marijuana facilities that dictates how far the operations must be from schools, day cares, and residential areas.

When looking for possible sites for growing and dispensing medical marijuana, there aren't a lot of choices.

"Really looking at the city of Springfield, it would be the downtown area that would probably be the only place within this area that would fit into the zoning requirements," said Mayor Mike Houston.

Local business owner Mark Kessler says he doesn't see a problem with medical marijuana facilities downtown, because it will be a legal business just like his.

"I have no problem with having one downtown. It's close to the hospitals and if someone needs to get some from their doctor they should have access to it," said Mark Kessler, Owner, Recycled Records.

Mayor Houston agrees because we have the medical district and downtown is actually zoned commercial use, not residential. Houston says, it's a logical spot.

"It's a legal organization created by the state of Illinois. We are a regional medical center we would expect that there would be a very good possibility that there are two dispensaries that can be allocated within each state police district. We believe there's a fairly good possibility that both of those could be located for this district in the city of Springfield," said Houston.

Other down business we spoke with didn't want to go on camera, but they were weary of the impact a medical marijuana facility would have.

Downtown Springfield Inc. a group that advocates on behalf of downtown businesses says it will need to consult with its board before officials there can comment on the possible location of medical marijuana facilities.

Possibility of Medical Marijuana in Downtown Springfield

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