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Possible Bailout For Downtown Springfield, Inc.

Updated: Friday, August 29 2014, 04:14 PM CDT

SPRINGFIELD -- Downtown Springfield, inc.
It's the not-for-profit that holds festivals and events downtown, like Taste of Springfield.
But it also works to promote business and make the downtown in the capital city more appealing for visitors.
Newschannel at Nine's Jordan Abudayyeh tells us it's facing financial troubles that could end up costing you, the taxpayer.

Downtown Springfield, Inc. needs $50,000 to fund their liabilities through the end of the year.

The budget is made up of funds from membership dues, and profits from events-- which in recent years haven't brought in the money that was expected.

"We were already in the hole from taste in 2012 and we were slowly making it up slowly, but then our event from last weekend wasn't as successful as we had hoped."

And in recent years Downtown Springfield, Inc. was forced to pay for city services for their events, like garbage, electricity, and street cleaning, costing them upwards of $40,000.

"What had happened was that previous administrations they said we do not have the cash to give you right now, but instead we will give you these services to raise money, which is now what we're paying for an not receiving any money from the city."

The proposed fix: ask the city for some money to help the group keep going.

A few months ago when Ringer made an informal request to Mayor Houston, it was denied, but now she's got downtown's alderman on her side.

"I think government and the private sector should work together to better our city, and this is an excellent example of that so I think it's something the city council should seriously look at and look very hard to find some financial assistance to help DSI." 

Businesses who rely on the group say they will support urging the city to help fund the organization.

"Expecially when we're trying to create more businesses for downtown we need to have that support for the downtown businesses to create awareness and create a feeling to bring people to downtown Springfield."
We wanted to know what you think about the proposed bailout.

That's why we asked you to JOIN THE CONVERSATION on our FOX facebook page and TELL US if you think the city should help bailout Downtown Springfield, Inc.

Possible Bailout For Downtown Springfield, Inc.

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