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Prevent Flooding By Clearing Drains

Updated: Tuesday, February 18 2014, 03:36 PM CST

In the coming days, temperatures are expected to soar into the 40s and even 50s. As that happens, all of Monday’s ice and last week's snow will melt, and that could cause flooding issues in some areas.

Dan Fulscher,
Director of Logan County's Emergency Management Office, says all that
water has to go somewhere, but he’s not worried about lakes and rivers flooding right now because their levels are too low. Small creeks and drainage ditches are the most likely places where flooding will occur.

For those live near either of those, a little preventive maintenance now could save a big headache days from now.

"Without a doubt you're going to have ditches, you're going to have low-lying areas, fields, and homes that always have that problem, those are going to fill up with water first because I can guarantee you're going to have a lot of culverts, you're going to have a lot of drainage ditches, you're going to have a lot of drainage tiles that are plugged," Fulscher said.

Fulscher says homeowners should go out to the street in front of their homes and look for snow covered drains. By breaking up the ice covering the drain, and shoveling some snow out of the way, homeowners may prevent flooding on their street or in their basement.

Prevent Flooding By Clearing Drains

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