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Private Snow Plow Preps

Updated: Tuesday, February 4 2014, 10:41 AM CST
It's not just public work crews kept busy with all that extra snow piling up, private plows from all over are being called into action. Companies like green view landscaping are preparing for tomorrow's blitz of snow.
    While Champaign public works keeps the main roads clear, that still leaves parking lots and driveways.
    Avis Jacobs, a landscape consultant, says that employees at his company that would normally be laid off during the slow winter time,
    Have been consistently working forty hour weeks during what he calls one of the busiest winters he's ever seen.
 "The most challenging part has just been the snow itself - it has been relentless. It has been cold, it has been snowy, it just hasn't let up. I mean - like I said, we've been having - it seems like every single guy we have has been working fourty plus hours, just trying to contain each event," says Jacobs.
He went on to say his company has also been running short on salt, and has needed to get it delivered from all over the country.
    He says that the extra layer of salt keeps the snow from freezing overnight and becoming a hazard.Private Snow Plow Preps

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