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Rantoul Dog Fight Forces Family to Move

Updated: Tuesday, August 12 2014, 03:10 PM CDT

RANTOUL -- A dog is back home after more than a month in animal control.

Harvey's  now been home for a little bit over a week after he was separated from his family and was in animal control for 39 days.

His owners say it was one of the most stressful experiences they've had. The thought that Harvey could've been put to sleep.
Back in late June, Harvey and another dog from their neighborhood got into a fight. Harvey bit the other dog and by Rantoul's current definition, he was deemed vicious.
It was then up to a hearing officer to decide his fate.
A few weeks and that officer finally released Harvey, but on one condition, his owners must now move out of Rantoul.

"We are definitely trying to get all this stuff done in a short amount of time and just tying to get everything done, but it's all worth it. We got the dog back. He's a great dog and I'm glad that we have him back. I'd lose the house, the car, everything cuz he's such a good dog."

Moriarty says their second dog was depressed during the time Harvey was gone. Even refusing to go outside. Now that Harvey's back, everything is back to normal.

The other dog involved in this incident suffered only minor injuries.

Rantoul Dog Fight Forces Family to Move

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