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Regional Planning Commission to Help Gifford Recover

Updated: Wednesday, February 12 2014, 11:07 AM CST
Officials at the Champaign County Regional Planning Commission say they
want to help Gifford as it prepares for long-term rebuilding.

This means identifying grant opportunities, writing proposals and administering grants eventually awarded to the town.

speaking with village leaders, Cameron Moore, the commission's CEO says
they are focusing on such things as -- the water tower and water
treatment plant, deciding what to do with the village hall and repairing

"We'll work with them as long as we can to find the
resources that they need. It's hard to put a timeline because there's
different cycles, for instance, about when you can even apply for
certain grants," Moore said.

Moore estimates that, the water
tower alone will cost upwards of a quarter-million dollars. But, that
the commission's services will come at little-to-no-cost to Gifford.  

to Moore, the planning process just started about a couple weeks ago,
but village leaders are already on board. He said that rebuilding public
infrastructure is key to the town's future -- and adds that their work
should not interfere with any current funding or future assistance the
city may qualify for.

Gillespie School Repairs Delayed

The Gillespie school district is falling behind on rebuilding a storm-damaged building.

May, a tornado ripped off part of the school's gym. School officials
say insurance claims, issues with power lines, and the harsh winter are
causing delays.

Originally, the school planned to have the gym
repaired by March. But now, officials say the project won't be finished
until May.

More than 60 homes and businesses in the town of 3,400 people were damaged by that May tornado.

Regional Planning Commission to Help Gifford Recover

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