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Road Construction on Springfield's West Side Impacting Businesses

Updated: Friday, April 25 2014, 03:44 PM CDT

SPRINGFIELD --- Major roadwork on the west side of Springfield is a major pain for drivers.

So much so that many are choosing to take alternate routes.

While the end result will make things easier on everyone who drives on the west side, right now, the construction translates into fewer customers for businesses along Wabash and Chatham Rd.


"It's a mess."


"Frustrating right now."

That's how Springfield drivers are describing the road construction on the west side of town.

There's bumper to bumper traffic, barricades, and slow signs.

"Notice now it's down to one lane either way, which for a busy road, a bit of a hold up," said David Chilton of Jerome.

To avoid the delays, many drivers are choosing to bypass the road construction at Wabash Avenue and Chatham Road by taking another route.

"If I'm going to go somewhere I'm like well I'm not going to go anywhere on Wabash so I'll go somewhere else and I think everyone else is doing that also," said Dublin Pub office manager, Annie Ingersoll.

That means more open parking spots at the businesses along these roads like the Dublin Pub on Wabash.

"It's definitely a struggle and it definitely affects our sales. I track the sales daily and look at them every day and compare to last year's and compare to last week's and there's definitely a difference that we can see," Ingersoll said.

It's a similar story at Reid Chiropractic on Chatham Road where some clients have become so frustrated with the construction, they've been cancelling their appointments.

"They drove by so many times and couldn't figure out how to get in so they were just like we're just going to cancel and reschedule," said Angela Kinsel, office manager of Reid Chiropractic.

Benchmark Auto Sound and Security is feeling it, too.

"We're definitely getting a lot of complaints. Concerned customers trying to get in and out of our parking lot. Of course getting here late because of the construction," said Jeff West, Owner of Benchmark Auto Sound and Security.

Businesses are hoping, the end result will be worth the hassle.

"You gotta adapt, overcome and improvise and hopefully it won't take very long before they get all this complete," said West.

The roadwork on Wabash Avenue is expected to be finished in the summer of 2015.

Safety is also a concern with the one-lane traffic and construction workers in the middle of the street.

One worker tells us they are seeing numerous drivers use their cell phones while going through the construction zone and they've experienced several near-misses.

Using a cellphone while driving is illegal in Illinois.

Road Construction on Springfield's West Side Impacting Businesses

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