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Road Crews Battle Snow Drifts, Ice

Updated: Wednesday, February 5 2014, 11:59 AM CST

This winter weather is keeping road crews busy as snow plow drivers battle drifts and in some places sheets of ice.

"It's definitely winter in Springfield," Springfield resident Pat O'Connor said.

By now it is a familiar routine for road crews.
"The drivers will come in, do their safety checks on their trucks, make sure all their lights are working, make sure their equipment-- their augers are operating properly, the spinners the distribute the salt-sand mixture-- are functioning properly," Sangamon County Highway Department Assistant Engineer Brian Davis said.

Each winter storm has brought with it a unique list of challenges.

"With the drifting it can be a problem," Davis said.

The freezing temperatures are just adding to the mix.

"We can't salt everywhere. We have to focus on those areas that are trouble spots," Springfield Public Works Director Mark Mahoney said. "We have to keep our main roads clear, our hospitals, where there's a hill those kind of things."

Public Works crews then call in backup when necessary.

"CWLP, they come in and help us downtown," Mahoney said.

No matter the town drivers throughout Central Illinois are dealing with that same list of issues .

"One after another. It's either ice or snow or wind or whatever,"O'Connor said.

Some drivers say you can never be too cautious.

"Do five miles an hour because it's bad out there," Julian Portis said.

"Too many car accidents, know what I mean? People don't know how to drive. Weather [is] bad," Rashaad Person said.

But that all depends on who you ask.

"I like it. I like the cold," Portis said.

"I'm ready for the summer to be here," Person said.

Springfield Public Works uses GPS technology to monitor what ground their trucks have covered but officials say they have to conserve salt.

If there is an area that is particularly dangerous Springfield Public Works asks that you contact them at 789-2246.

Road Crews Battle Snow Drifts, Ice

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