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Rockford Police Respond to Spooky Call

Updated: Monday, May 19 2014, 05:10 PM CDT

ROCKFORD -- A spooky story out of Rockford, Illinois this morning. Police there respond to a call about a mysterious woman in white spotted on an elevator that was seen earlier moving with no one inside.

As Christie Nicks reports, the strange sighting happened across the street from a well-known haunt famous for its ghosts.

"Coronado in the elevator. It just keeps going up and down, in the elevator. Unknown if they're stuck or what's going on."

It's a call recorded by Rockford scanner that even baffled Rockford police officers at first.

A woman looking for answers as to why this elevator in a Rockford parking garage kept going up and down just like it is now. But lastnight, something was different that prompted a police call.

A mysterious passanger was on board.

"She can see through the glass was to be a person wearing all white inside the elevator."

A ghostly description taking place right across the street from a notorious Rockford spooky spot, the Coronado Theater.

"I'm kind of skeptical when I first here stories because as you can imagine I hear a lot of stories."

But Haunted Rockford Tour guide Kathi Kresol says the description of a lady in white actually has some validity.

"It sounded an awful lot like the woman in white that's supposedly seen at the Coronado so that led me to believe that maybe something could possibly be there."

Kresol says the Coronado is full of ghosts, "The van matres owned the building and they really loved this building and I think that that's why they're supposed to be still there."

Smoking cigarettes, or dancing on the stage, but little is known about the lady in white which is why Kresol says she might be willing to move across the street.

"I don't think that a ghost is necessarily tied to one place."

But even if she was hanging out in the elevator, she wasn't the one making it go up and down. "It just went from the 7th floor to the basement, door never opened, nobody got off, appears to be malfunctioning."

Mystery solved...or is it?

Rockford Police Respond to Spooky Call

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