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Same-Sex Marriage Licenses to Be Issued Friday

Updated: Saturday, May 31 2014, 11:03 PM CDT
16 IL COUNTIES -- Same-sex couples in Illinois could be legally married as early as next week. Sangamon and 16 other counties in Illinois are allowing same-sex couples to apply for their marriage licenses as early as Friday.

The cost of a license is $75 unless you already have a civil union license in which case it will be free.  Like all marriage licenses you must apply at least one day in advance of your ceremony. The process is being moved up in Sangamon County in the hopes of being more accommodating to couples.

"This weekend you're going to see people going to their county clerks, and then in the coming days you're going to see people coming to their churches or their synagogues, going to the Justice of the Peace and getting married, and there's just going to be a lot of happiness and joy, you know, all across Illinios," says Representative Greg Harris who sponsored the Gay Marriage bill.Same-Sex Marriage Licenses to Be Issued Friday

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