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School Uniform Changes Danville

Updated: Monday, August 18 2014, 11:53 AM CDT

was the first day of class for District 118 high school freshman. It
was also the first time students were mandated to abide by the new dress

118 Superintendent Mark Denman says "the comment originally came from
the community that for our students to show more pride in their
appearance, themselves and the school",

Students that oppose the new standard say it takes away their individuality and freedom of expression.

Hardesty a high school freshman says "how can we express ourselves when
they say you have to do this, you have to do that. We can't actually be
ourselves so we have to be somebody they create".

Pamella Plecker is a mother of seven. She says some parents can't afford the changes the new policy will bring.

is very expensive. I am fortunate to afford it but I run a day care and
I know there are a lot of parents who can't. they struggle every year
to buy clothes and supplies," Plecker says.

everyone is bothered by the new uniform policy in fact some believe it
will showcase students in a more presentable and professional manner.

The new uniform names specific colors for each school. It also bans jeans, sleeveless dresses and flip-flops.
Kennedy, a junior high school students says "I honestly don't think of
it completely as a uniform. I just think of it more as of a business
type wear. If we're wearing uniforms, everyone would be wearing the same
exact thing every single day".

officials acknowledge this will be a significant change for the entire
district but the policy will be strictly enforced.

last thing we want to do is for a student not to be in school but at a
certain point a student will be sent home, parent notification, parent
conferences," Denman says. School Uniform Changes Danville

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