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Shooting On Springfield's East Side Leaves One Wounded

Updated: Wednesday, August 6 2014, 10:54 AM CDT

SPRINGFIELD -- Police continue to investigate a series of shootings that happened late Monday night on the city's east side.

Newschannel at Nine's Jordan Abudayyeh brings us the latest on the gun violence in the capital city.
11:15pm last night two people were walking in the area of Taylor and
Laurel when several gunshots rang out from a vehicle.

"They ran
from the area and as they were running away a 21-year-old victim
realized he had been shot. At that point he went to his residence and
emergency personnel was summoned to assist him."

Police say the
21-year-old victim Jayvonee Delt wasn't much help. He couldn't remember
what the vehicle looked like and he told detectives he didn't know who
would want to shoot him.  And the same was true for the man that was
walking with the Delt when he was shot.

"Because of the no
witnesses and the fact that the victim would not provide detailed
information, we have no leads at this time."

Deputy Chief Dan
Mounce says shootings are not uncommon in this part of town, but this
man who says he lived in the neighborhood for decades says the area is
generally safe and news of this shooting surprised him.

"Do I feel safe? Sure, I feel safe. I've been here almost 40 years, so yeah, I feel safe here."

shooting occurred in ward two. Alderman Gail Simpson represents the
area. She wants residents to know the police can't make the area safer
if the residents here don't start cooperating with the SPD.

have to start policing ourselves and make sure that the police know,
because we are the eyes and ears of the police. Somebody in the
community knows who these people are and we need to tell them."

Police are asking anyone with information to call their main number 788-8311.

Shooting On Springfield's East Side Leaves One Wounded

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