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Speeding in Mahomet Neighborhood

Updated: Thursday, July 24 2014, 11:35 PM CDT
"Y'know with the number of young kids in the neighborhood, it seems like
cars go through there pretty fast a lot of the time", one resident

Residents in the Thornewood North neighborhood, in Mahomet, are asking village leaders to put up new speed limit signs.

a lot of kids playing outside in the neighborhood, many people say that
cars are driving too fast because there are no speed limit signs
posted. Illinois law states that when there are no signs present the
speed limit is 30 mph. Not only do residents want signs put up...They
want the speed limit lowered as well. The village president tells us
that there's not much that they can do right now... but they have some
plans to help combat the speeding problem.

It's an issue that has
caught many residents attention....and they want answers. The
subdivision of Thornewood North is tired of drivers speeding through
their neighborhood. Residents say they see more drivers in the
morning...As people try to avoid the busy roads on their way to work.

think sometimes they go through this area to try to bypass traffic on
state street and things of that nature...But for the most part people
are mindful of that but the people who don't live here they zoom through
pretty fast."

Officials have placed speed trailers on the streets before... which seem to slow drivers down.

again I said awareness. When you have those speed trailers out there
and the speed trailers do say the speed limit which is 30 mph in those
residential areas most of what they get are people going under thirty or

Having stop signs in place is not their only
concern....they're also questioning whether or not the speed limit would
be enforced.

"If there was something posted in this neighborhood
i don't know if people would actually follow it because i'm pretty sure
you wouldn't see a lot of enforcement. I don't think you'd see the
police sitting here running radar in this neighborhood."

Even though  speed is the main concern of residents... they believe signs arent the only answer.

"And I just think even some signage telling people to slow down because there's kids in the neighborhood may help."

The board is planning to meet soon to discuss placing speed limit signs in Thornewood North.

and shorter term i think we'll see if we can get support from the board
to change it...And again changing it does have some expense related to
it...But it's probably the right thing we can do in residential areas."Speeding in Mahomet Neighborhood

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