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Springfield City Council Votes Down Joint Purchasing Agreement

Updated: Wednesday, July 16 2014, 11:18 PM CDT

Tonight a Springfield alderman and business owner is speaking out about why he voted against using the National Joint Powers Alliance, a purchasing agent for city contracts. At last night's city council meeting, an ordinance that would've allowed those contracts was voted down 9 to 1.

The biggest concern about working with the joint alliance is
that using an out of state organization would hurt local businesses' chances at city contracts. Using the alliance would have essentially cut out a step in the bid process. The ordinance would have allowed the city to purchase goods and services... that have already been bid on by alliance.

While more competition may have lowered bids for the work, Alderman
Frank Edwards says the process is not fair to local employers. He believes this would have made it harder for Springfield businesses to compete in the bid process.

"I pay property taxes and I pay sales tax, and then you
say well I'll go somewhere cheaper. Well okay how about lowering my property tax and how about lowering my sales tax because you guys have your hands out constantly wanting to take, take, take from businesses and then you want to go somewhere else to buy cheaper," Edwards said.

Mayor Houston previously said he supported the joint purchasing agreement, saying it would rarely be used and would save the city

Edwards says he's talked to Springfield business owners and
they shared his concerns about working with the out of state alliance.

The controversial NAPA garage contract was negotiated using
the national joint powers alliance. Local auto garages were upset, because they never got a chance to bid on that work.

Springfield City Council Votes Down Joint Purchasing Agreement

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