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Springfield Police Uncover Hike in Robberies Citywide

Updated: Monday, February 10 2014, 10:40 AM CST

A report put out by the Springfield Police Department uncovers a 10 percent hike in robberies for the year 2013.

"Robberies happen all over the city," said Springfield Police Chief Kenny Winslow.

Here in Illinois, there's a difference between a burglary and a robbery.

"Robbery is when you take something from somebody by use of force, where a burglary is if somebody breaks into your house and steals something," said Winslow.

Citywide, the statistics show a decrease in burglaries, meaning fewer places were broken into, but there was a definite increase in robberies.  They jumped from 260 in 2012 to 287 in 2013.

"Most of those robberies can be attributed to robberies to a person, so it’s not a commercial robbery out there. It’s where people have robbed other people," said Winslow.

There are ways to keep yourself from being a victim.

"Always stay with another person. Use the buddy system. Stay together. If you’re walking to your car after work, see if someone will walk with you. Stay in the group. There’s all kinds of things you can do as far as not putting yourself in opportunities to be a victim,” said Winslow.

Jim Havey, owner of Young's Security Systems, tells us the best way to protect your home.

"This time of the year, with the weather the way it is, there’s really no special consideration about things outside the house. Usually most of the windows are locked, the doors are locked. Right now the best thing for somebody to do to protect your house, to give you a little piece of mind when you’re gone, is to do a basic security system," said Havey.

He also mentions the benefit of having a system.

"Chances are if you have a good working system in your house, you’re not going to be bothered," said Havey.

Springfield Police Uncover Hike in Robberies Citywide

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