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State Fleet Cut

Updated: Tuesday, July 1 2014, 09:13 AM CDT
ILLINOIS -- Governor Pat Quinn makes
it official.  A new state budget is finally on the books.

The budget looks a lot like last year's spending plan, but Quinn used his line-item veto to make some changes. 

Currently the state owns 21 aircraft.  Thanks to the use of Governor Quinn's veto pen, nine of them will be put on the market.

Bill Mitchell has been pushing to get rid of the executive air fleet
for many years now, but the Decatur republican says there's still more
to be done.

"It's a $7 million annual appropriation.  That's $7
million you can spend other places, in education, for seniors, or for
whatever," said Mitchell.  "This is an action that's long overdue.  It's
a little too late, but it's a step in the right direction."

Mitchell says we have the largest state fleet in the nation and one of the worst budget situations.

Quinn acknowledges holes in this year's budget, but says he's doing the best he can.

One of the other big cuts eliminates $250 million for renovating the capitol.  Quinn halted those renovations back in 2013.State Fleet Cut

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