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Stone Creek Residents Unhappy Over CUMTD Bus Service Expansion

Updated: Thursday, May 1 2014, 01:35 PM CDT


Sue Penniall, a Stone Creek resident says, "Everyone in Stone Creek has their own cars, there's no one that I know of that doesn't have their own car, or two or three".

CUMTD's policy requires the district to annex all areas not taxed as farmland within Champaign, Urbana and Savoy. That means expanding public transit... which forces residents to pay higher taxes, even if they don't ride the bus.

Bill Volk is CUMTD's Managing Director. He says, "We're a community and the community has services, it has parks, it has schools..it's got various governmental functions and everyone should pay for those governmental functions because there's benefit to everyone."

Sue Penniall has lived in Stone Creek for fifteen years. She and her husband are retired. She says they're already paying too much in taxes for things that don't necessarily benefit them. "My taxes go for a lot of things. My taxes also go to schools and I don't have any kids in school, but that doesn't mean I'm not paying those taxes," Penniall says.

CUMTD believes even if suburban residents don't rely on public transportation, there's still advantages for them. "When they get in their cars and come in the community there are fewer people on the roads..there's more parking spaces", Volk says.

If CUMTD's board rules in favor of the annexations, home owners will see an increase in property taxes starting June 2015. A home valued at $150k, would cost an additional $150 per year in taxes. Potential service changes would go into effect August of 2015.

"Bus stops get in our way now so I really wouldn't want them directly right here in the neighbirhood", says one Stone Creek resident.

"Tell them to keep their buses out of here. We don't need them", says Penniall.

Stone Creek Residents Unhappy Over CUMTD Bus Service Expansion

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