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Students Fly High at Mattoon Flight Academy

Updated: Friday, June 13 2014, 11:30 AM CDT
MATTOON-- "I got my first solo on that runway you see behind me. That really gave me that bug, that passion for aviation." Captain Robert Bowden is an instructor at the Johnson Flight Academy. For the past ten years he's been teaching students skill that can last them a lifetime. "Aviation is really a lifelong learning experience, if you get into it when you're young, you get the knowledge, the skills at a young age - those are some that will last you for the rest of your life."

Students come from all over the country to join the academy. This week, students are learning the mathematics and science of flying in the classroom. Then they bring that knowledge to the skies to fly in a real airplane, either by themselves, or with an instructor.

"What I really like about the program is that I feel like it enhances you as a person." Instructors tell us that this training will help students get into flight school, and the demand for these jobs aren't going anywhere. "All the airlines in the next few years are going to have a major shortage of professional pilots. This is the future of airlines right here are getting these kids trained when their young."

And it's not just a career for these kids. Karen Maurer, a student who will fly "solo" for the first time this Friday, says it helped her learn more about herself. Students Fly High at Mattoon Flight Academy

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