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SWAT Training

Updated: Thursday, June 5 2014, 04:17 PM CDT

CHAMPAIGN---Tuesday night police were busy training for something they hope they never have to see, active shooters loose in the mall with hostages and a live bomb outside.

Police officials tells us this training is vital to keep police officers sharp, allowing them to move and make decisions on their own.

Most importantly, they were all walking into the situation with no information ahead of time.

Experts watched and later gave an evaluation of their performance.

"We're evaluating the SWAT component. The negotiators, there's experts with the FBI. Bomb squads out her evaluating the bomb squads."

Training started with a confrontation outside Market Place Mall between armed suspects and a mall security guard who was shot.

Police tell us that law enforcement agencies around the area, even students from Parkland College then got hands on experience dealing with hostages, armed suspects and a bomb that needed to be diffused.

Real time updates were given throughout the night to members of the press. Officials training on how to give out information from an ongoing situation, learning what to say and when to say it.

At the end of the simulation, team leaders sat down together and go over what happened, looking over tactics, speed, and what could be improved.

Officials say while this is not exactly a test, it is a great opportunity to improve their skills.

"You learn by mistakes. That's absolutely why we're out here. We make a mistake, we'll talk about it, we'll debrief tonight. Each of the individual units will debrief and then we'll get together at a later point and have a team leader debrief; talk about what went well and we could have done better."

Again, we want to remind you that this was all just a simulation and that none of the crimes presented in the story actually happened.

SWAT Training

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