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The Power of Prayer: Danielle Loftus' Road to a Dream

Updated: Wednesday, July 30 2014, 12:09 AM CDT
SPRINGFIELD -- It's not a normal day for a teenager, but it is now for Danielle Loftus.

see someone who is fighting just as hard as she ever has," said Lynell
Loftus, Danielle's mother said. "She has a goal and we are going to
stand behind her with it."

It has been four years since Danielle
was involved in an accident on Lake Springfield that left her with a
severe brain injury. What is the one thing this family wishes Danielle
could do that she can't do today?

"Talk," Lynell said. "When she is in pain, we have no idea why."

parents, Lynell and Jeff, used to describe her as vivacious and bubbly,
and one who could seemingly outrun anyone. They say Danielle would
notice someone sitting alone, sit down next to them, and listen. Now,
it's her parents, her sisters Rachel and Taylor, and medial staff who
sit next to her, offering comfort and taking care of her every need.

would probably say 'thanks,'" Jeff said. "And, "Dad, your jokes are not
very good.' We tell her, as long as she keeps working hard we won't
give up on her. We will try to provide every path way we can to her
recovery and don't give up."

Danielle is in a semi-conscious
state. She can't speak or eat and has limited body movement. Her days
includes medications, tube feedings, and physical therapy. But with
every day, new hope. Doctors say her brain activity has improved
drastically since the accident.

"Every day, we have a reason to giggle," Lynell said. "She continues to progress. We just keep hoping for more."

And it's the power of prayer, Lynell and Jeff say is the reason Danielle is not only alive, but getting better.

had phone calls and emails saying I have watched your family and I have
watched your family's story," Jeff said. "It has brought me closer to
my relationship with God. So, Danielle would be proud of the people she
has helped."

The Loftus family is grateful for the kind words,
financial support, but ultimately, the prayers, from so many. These
signs around Springfield are a perfect example: "Pray for Danielle." And
those prayers keep coming.

It's a daily challenge, but it's their faith and love for Danielle that keeps this family going and hoping.

immediate healing," Lynell said. "She is going to write a book about it
She's going to be a motivation speaker. She is going to effect people
in ways we have never imagined and be a huge testimony to give glory to

A perfect reason to pray for and believe in a miracle.

you would like to follow Danielle's story or participate in a 5K
Run/Walk in honor of Danielle going on in September in Springfield, go
to here.

The Power of Prayer: Danielle Loftus' Road to a Dream

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