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Three Men In Custody For Passing Along Fake Cash

Updated: Tuesday, May 6 2014, 05:17 PM CDT
MONTICELLO -- Police arrested three men after they allegedly tried to
purchase goods with fake 100-hundred dollar bills. Two were passed in
Monticello, one in Bement and two more fake bills in Cerro Gordo.
Authorities say the men had their plan together.   

"It seemed
to be fairly well organized. They were taking advantage of the fact that
they were on a road trip and they were stopping at Dollar General's and
Casey's and just doing the very same thing at each individual store",
says Srgt. John Russell of the Piatt County Sheriff's office.

Arena, 33,  Luis Genao, 31,  and Jose Genao, 20, were arrested last
Thursday after Monticello Police heard about counterfeit money in the

A store manager at Family Dollar says Joseph arena entered
the store very fidgety and asking lots of questions. He then purchased
dog food with an alleged counterfeit $100 bill. 
"When you
have someone that comes in that's making a very small purchase like a
pack of cigarettes or a bag of dog food and their vehicle has out of
state plates or something is not quite right..paying with a $100 bill,
that's a reason to be just a little bit more cautious", says Russell. 

 Police say upon the arrest, they found $5,000 in real cash inside their vehicle as well as 14 counterfeit $100 bills.

you look at a real one and a counterfeit one, there are sometimes
subtle differences in facial expressions of the president etc. There's
also cutting issues where it may not be cut just right", says Russell.

Russell also said counterfeit money was passed in the Champaign Urbana
area, but it's unknown if those incidents are related to this case.

All three suspects are still in custody, but they're expected to post bond soon. Charges are pending. Three Men In Custody For Passing Along Fake Cash

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