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Tuscola Hail Damage Aftermath

Updated: Wednesday, May 28 2014, 12:55 PM CDT

DOUGLAS COUNTY -- Douglas County Emergency Management says it could take at least a week before they know how many homes and the number of cars damaged from yesterdays storm. Meanwhile, residents are dealing with the aftermath .

Cathy Myers, a Tuscola resident says "it started little, little rain, little hail and then it just kept getting bigger, and bigger..bigger. I mean, we had the size of gratefuits".

Tuscola residents still in disbelief, but no choice but to live on after Wednesday's massive hail storm . John Davis, a local insurance agent says his office can't keep the phones from ringing.

Smith says, "a lot of people, it's the first time they've ever had hail damage to their car or their home and so we're just gonna figure it out together".

John Pangburn was amazed at the size of the hail. He decided to keep some for himself.

Pangburn says, "I hadn't really seen any probably that big, so I thought when I got home, it was like an hour and a half later and I thought well I'm just gonna put some of these in a bag and save them".

A lot of Tuscola residents are dealing with not just damage to their cars but damage to their homes.

"When you have this size hail, what it does is it weakens the roof, there's crevices, there's damage which will take the longevity of the roof away", says roofer Rick Galbrecht.

That's why experts say don't wait to have your home assessed for hail damage, even though you may not notice damage right away.

"The thing that's difficult about hail is when you have wind damage, you can see the shingles are torn off. With hail damage, you can't necessarily see it and sometimes the damage shows up a little bit later," says Smith.

Insurance agents anticipate thousands of claims for Douglas County and for residents.. let's just say they're content.

"It's all material. Things can be replaced. We're alive", says Myers.

Anyone dealing with roof damage, experts say don't be quick to sign a contract for repairs. Have your insurance company do an assessment first.
You don't want to be stuck with a high tab that the insurance comapny might not pay for.

Tuscola Hail Damage Aftermath

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