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U of I Move In Day

Updated: Thursday, August 21 2014, 05:13 PM CDT

Sarah Wakeland, a U of I senior says, "Move in day comes with a lot of traffic and a lot of parents wanting to be really involved and everything and learn about what kids are gonna go through. It's a little bit hectic and everyone's trying to get everything situated for classes and get books and everything."

Public Works expects most of the major roads, including Florida Avenue, Kirby, Windsor, First and Fourth Street to be extremely crowded. For parents and students moving in, this is one day authorities say you should not use your GPS.

Captain Roy Acree of U of I Police says, "New students were all given packets from housing-- telling them exactly how to get into town and it's really important to follow those directions because there are set patterns depending on where you live on campus telling them where you need to go, which direction."

One possible challenge with getting to campus may be the construction of Windsor road. Authorities say repairing the mile long stretch is long overdue.

Craig Schonkwiler of Urbana Public Works says, "It's not the best time in the world but this is purely coincidental. We have fast tracked this project and when we finished the plans and specs and we got it out to bid...we just happened to be at this point where we're starting right at the start of school."

U of I officials say after Thursday, more than 70% of the student population would have moved in already.

Wakeland says, "I guess my strategy for moving in was to come a little early even if it costs a little bit extra and maybe to order everything online so you're avoiding the traffic and avoiding all the lines at the book store."

U of I Move In Day

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