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Urbana To Help Pay for Barnes Mobile Home Residents To Move

Updated: Thursday, July 17 2014, 04:32 PM CDT

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY -- Barnes Mobile Home families for the last several months have been trying to figure out how andwhere they will get money to relocate.

This week, Urbana City Officials announced $50,000 was budgeted to assist mobile home owners in finding a new home.

The land where the mobile homes are located will be sold to the city in months to come.

Urbana's Mayor says they've been talking with residents about what their preferences are and also working with various agencies and other mobile home parks to assist the families.

Mayor Laura Prussing says "We're certainly just not gonna hand out checks equally to people, one gentleman proposed that but we're gonna do it based on the individual situation. Maybe we'll help them move, maybe we'll help them put down a deposit for a new place to live...Whatever".

Mayor Prussing says ideally some of the homes can be moved, if not all. They want to ensure residents don't lose their long time investments since they do own their homes.

The Mayor also says there's no definite time table for the land to be clear. They want to give families as much flexibility as possible.

Barnes Mobile Home Park residents I spoke with off camera say they're still unsure where they'll move to. They also said they don't believe the money from the city will help all that much. There's still additional costs they're not prepared to handle

On average it could cost about $5,000 to move each mobile home to a new location.

Urbana To Help Pay for Barnes Mobile Home Residents To Move

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