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Urbana Man Charged With 5th DUI

Updated: Thursday, June 19 2014, 11:26 AM CDT

URBANA -- Michael J. Cochrane, 43-years-old of the 1200 block of North Berkley, held on $150,000 bond for his 5th DUI charge from this past Sunday.

Lt. Curt Apperson of the Champaign County Sheriff's says "basically the citizens in the area observed this guy riding up and down in the area doing wheelies, doing 360's or commonly referred to as donuts in the parking lot".

Lee Meyers witnessed Cochrane's antics first hand. He says its likely Cochrane didn't know where he was at or what he was doing. "He set down on the stoop, Sheriff came up to talk to him and he opens up a beer and drinks it", Meyers says.

Sheriff's say, Cochrane then rammed his ATV into the Sheriff Deputies vehicle.

Cochrane's neighbors aren't surprised by the news, in fact they say he's often seen with a beer in his hand and constantly displaying somewhat very weird behavior around his property.

One of Cochrane's neighbors didn't want her face shown but says Cochrane is always playing loud music, dancing and yelling. It's a constant show for her block.

"I've seen him get on his actual lawn mower and not mow the grass and just go around in circles and he gets his little girl on their with him and they ride and ride and ride around in circles and they're not mowing the grass, just riding around in circles", the neighbor says.

Officials say Cochrane has an extensive criminal background, at least a dozen arrests for domestic battery, forgery, assault and various traffic charges. The State's Attorney's office says he served three years in prison in 2008 for a felony DUI case. He also served time in 1998 for the same thing. So why is he still on the loose?

"I don't think it's a law enforcement thing, I don't think it's a State's Attorney's Office thing. It may be a whole criminal justice type of thing where we need to look into it further", says Lt. Apperson.

The State's Attorney's Office also says, they're currently working on at least three other cases, where offenders have recently been arrested for a 5th DUI, but it's case by case and up to the justice system to punish them.

The State's Attorney also says this fifth DUI charge is a non-probation offense and Cochrane is likely to serve even more time in prison. His next court date is June 24th.

Urbana Man Charged With 5th DUI

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