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Vapor Ban Would Affect Local Business

Updated: Wednesday, August 13 2014, 11:11 AM CDT
SPRINGFIELD -- Vaping, it's become a hot trend and now it's attracting the attention of attorney generals across the nation.

Including Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, who has ideas of her own on how to regulate the industry.

Vaping isn't just a trend, it's big business here in the capital city, and the regulations proposed by Attorney General Lisa Madigan would kill the business according to some store owners.

"I just think she's not looking at the whole picture. Electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, they have gotten a lot of people to quit smoking. It;'s a good thing, it's a huge movement, it's a culture," said Matt Fortin, Owner, Upper Limits.

A culture that Attorney General Lisa Madigan thinks attracts kids with flavors like cherry and pina colada. That's why she wants to ban the sale of the flavored liquids that go inside the vaporizing pens, leaving customers with only two choices, tobacco and menthol.

"The flavors, it gets a lot of people off that tobacco taste and it's the same thing between wine coolers and all the different flavors. Why attack one thing and not like the difference in the taste of wine coolers, and I really see it as a political game. Especially with big tobacco companies and the revenues that are being lost because a lot of people are quitting smoking," said Fortin.

Fortin says banning the flavors would shut down his business because his customers want the different options, not just tobacco flavored products.

But, the business doesn't matter to local parents.

"Kids are exposed to so many things they're going to think it tastes good, and I think it's going to lead to them using other nicotine products as they get older," said Amy Nichols, Springfield parent.

But other parents don't see a problem with the product.

"I have three boys and they've never asked me about it. I think whatever you expose your kids to they'll have an interest in and I think that's the parents job, not the state," said Joshua Schuette, Springfield parent.

We did reach out to Attorney General Lisa Madigan , but she was unavailable for an interview today.

Local e-cig business owners and users have already begun writing letters asking the Attorney General to stop supporting a ban because the flavored vapors helped them quit

Attorney generals aren't alone in the fight against e-cigarettes.

The FDA is also considering classifying the pens in the same category as cigarette related products.Vapor Ban Would Affect Local Business

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