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Victim Recovers After Gunshot Wound to the Head

Updated: Monday, August 4 2014, 04:42 PM CDT

Doctors say it was a very close call, but now an 8-year-old victim shot in the head is safe at home.

Newschannel at Nine's Nate Rodgers checks in on his progress.

"I remember when my cousin was playing around with the gun...He didn't even know it was a real gun, but he had shot me in the head on accident."

Relatives say it was an accidental shooting on July 1, where Deon's 15-year-old cousin fired a gun, striking the 8-year-old in his head. Police say the modified flare gun was fitted with a makeshift barrel to fire a shotgun shell. Family members say five to eight pellet fragments are still in Deon's head.

"He still has it in there...They're not gonna remove it because they don't wanna cause any further damage cuz as of now he's back to normal so they want to keep it that way."
For three weeks, the 8-year-old was treated at a pediatric center in St. Louis after suffering complications from surgery.  
One month later, he's at home and happy to be out of the hospital, even though he says his visit wasn't all that bad.

"It was good, I got to go to different floors and I got to watch movies and stuff."

Medicine: The 8-year-old is currently on antibiotics but other than that, he has no pain. The biggest challenge now is forcing him to take it easy.   

"He's been back to little Deon, it's just that he has a little restrictions that he cant do but other than that...He's normal."

Deon says despite being shot and undergoing medical treatment for nearly 28 days, he's not upset. He's thankful to be alive. More than anything, he's happy to be back with his family."

"I'm excited that I can play around with my cousins and play around with my friends, too."

Victim Recovers After Gunshot Wound to the Head

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