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Winter Weather Negatively Affecting Local Economy

Updated: Tuesday, February 11 2014, 10:42 AM CST
URBANA -- "Is the weather affecting your sales?"

"Well let me think about that, yes."

Van Boyd says old man winter has been more than a little grumpy.

As the manager of Heel to Toe in Urbana, Boyd says he's seen far fewer customers since January.

would easily say our traffic has gone down about 50 percent. Sales
haven't been hit that drastically because at least the people who are
coming in are serious buyers," Boyd said.

But a 20 percent decrease earlier in the year can still affect springtime sales.

is clearance sale month, that's what we use as our opportunity to raise
some cash to pay for all the incoming spring merchandise and you know,
honestly it was tough this January," Boyd added.

These last two months haven't just been tough on Boyd.

"Yea cause it's freezing, I don't even want to get my gas right now cause it's so cold," said Champaign resident Falynn Crow.

her gas, the 21 year old doesn't want to shop either. But she says she
isn't surprised that local businesses are suffering.

"No, I'm not
surprised at all. Like what, we've had three huge snow storms that's
definitely impacting places. I'm not surprised at all,"  Crow said.Winter Weather Negatively Affecting Local Economy

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