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Winter Weather Slows Valentines Day Deliveries

Updated: Monday, February 17 2014, 01:21 PM CST
Mother Nature is tugging at the heartstrings in a whole different way.
Valentine's Day is one of the busiest days for flower shops, and their
delivery drivers.

Most of us who drove Friday know it wasn't an
easy task. But when you own a flower shop, your job is to bring joy to
others on Valentine's Day no matter what gets in your way.

"However long it takes, we will get it delivered," said Ann Montgomery, owner of Flowers by Mary Lou.

Slipping and sliding was the theme of the day.

of our drivers was south on I-55 and had a big accident down there.
They were delayed for quite some time. The streets are just bad," said

But snow outside isn't stopping work inside. Flowers by Mary Lou had more than 250 deliveries to make.

was hopeful it would come in later in the day so we can get most of our
flowers out early, but it has slowed us down quite a bit," said

New owners at Fifth Street Flower Shop are
experiencing their first Valentine's Day. The busiest day of the year
started at a near standstill.

"The first route out, they had to
drive really slow. Even at 15 mph they said some of their wheels were
spinning. It's taking longer to get deliveries done," said Sara Camp,
owner of the Fifth Street Flower Shop.

Camp called in all 24 members of her staff. Snow wasn't the only worry. Cold temperatures means extra precautions.

don't like cold weather. We have to make sure everything is wrapped and
kept protected and then the customer needs to do that when they take
their flowers from work to back home," said Camp.

Surrounded by springtime "April flowers," Camp continues to look on the bright side.

year we have learned Mother Nature does what she wants and fortunately,
actually, it's not sub-zero because then it's even worse," said Camp.

top of the hundreds of Valentines Day deliveries, Flowers by Mary Lou
says they had more than a dozen funeral arrangements to put together and

Flower shop owners we spoke with say the winter weather
doesn't necessarily hurt profits since many customers pre-order their
arrangements.Winter Weather Slows Valentines Day Deliveries

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